Need for Speed UnderGround 2 Patch 1.2

Remove serious glitches and update various visuals and other features in Need for Speed Underground

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    Patch 1.2

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2003 / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 98

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Need for Speed 2 Underground is a popular racing game released in the past, and if you still play, you can eliminate some of the glitches and bugs that plague your game with this Need for Speed 2 Underground patch. Though it is an official patch, the developers of the game no longer offer any support for the product. As there are newer entries in the franchise, you may find that you prefer playing one of those titles instead of using this patch.

As with other games in the series, Need for Speed 2 Underground is a racing simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a driver on the underground circuit. As you race against others, you win cash prizes that you can then use to upgrade your vehicle, buy new accessories and even purchase new cars. It also comes with objectives that you need to complete to improve your ranking. If you still play the game, you need to download and install this patch.

One of the benefits of installing this patch is that it enhances the visual elements and graphics. The developers designed this game for older operating systems, but many of those systems cannot support the game. As you play, you may find that your computer frequently crashes. This patch reduces the amount of space needed to run the game's graphics and reduces the risk of your computer crashing.

This patch also offers support for LAN players. Those who wanted to play with friends in the past used an internet connection, which increased the likelihood of computers crashing. Once you install and run this patch, you can create your own LAN network and play against others without using the internet.

It also features an element that fixes the reputation system used in the game. This system let other players flag you based on what you did on the track. The problem was that some players flagged others for no reason. Some players found themselves flagged in the past because of issues they had no control over like glitches and internet lags. Once flagged, you carried a small icon over your character's head that alerted others to your misdeeds. The patch removes this icon.

While the Need for Speed 2 Underground patch is a little outdated and doesn't come with a lot of features, it's an essential patch for those still playing the game.


  • Changes and enhances some of the visual elements of the original game
  • Improves the online play elements and modes
  • Offers new support for LAN players
  • Is an essential upgrade for those still playing the game
  • Eliminates a lot of the more common glitches and bugs


  • Developers no longer offer support for the patch
  • Requires a copy of Need for Speed 2 Underground on your computer
  • Is an outdated patch for an outdated game
  • Doesn't really add a lot to the game

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